What is the process to get the impressions/molds?

1. To be sure that the concha portion of the impressions should be full because that is where the beautiful faceplates can show;    2. To get the canal portions beyond the second bend in t...check details

Do you offer custom artwork? Which format do you require?

At this point in time, we offer simplistic artwork. If you would like artwork on your CIEM faceplate, we accept high quality JPG, PNG or PSD files....check details

How do I send Lark product for service?

If you find that you need to send any Lark Produact for service etc, please contact us for shipping instructions....check details

Disclaimer for Transportation

Please kindly note that Lark Studio is not responsible for the delay of delivery of ear impressions, repaired earphone and finished orders by third-party post or express methods which are no...check details

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