What types of faceplates can you use?

We can use resin, wood, brushed aluminum, carbon fiber, printed paper, watch movement pieces, even plants; anything small enough to fit inside the faceplate....check details

What does Lark Studios make their shells from?

Lark Studios' shells are made of high-end, professional, resin materials; perfect for comfort and hypo-allergenic! ...check details

How does Lark Studio recommend I use and maintain my IEM?

·Using your IEMs at high volume levels has the potential to permanently damage your hearing, so always make sure to be listening at a safe volume. · Always turn down your sound source (...check details

Does Lark Studio offer reshelling services to third party monitors?

Yes we do! Effective Feb. 1, 2018, Lark Studio begins to offer reshelling services for both Lark Studio products and the third-party monitors. The services include the reshell...check details

How do I ship my ear mold impressions and earphone?

Here are the shipping instructions of impressions or earphones to be repaired below: Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China Postcode: 610021 Tel: +86-18708139168 Contact Name: "Arthur" Ite...check details

Does the Timbre Line Use Real Wood?

Yes, the woods we use are all high quality exotic woods, hand selected and graded for aesthetic quality. Like all of the materials we use, they are carefully implemented in order to inspire sense of a...check details

Does Lark Studio use “real” carbon fiber?

Yes, we use real carbon fiber, built to our specifications....check details

How long is the build time?

Production is fairly long due to the high level of craftsmanship that is required to build our products. Our current build time is 2-3 working weeks, and this does not include shipping/transit time. T...check details

What material are your CIEMs made of?

Medical grade hypoallergenic hard acrylic imported from Germany....check details

What is your refit policy?

If you experience any discomfort with your CIEM within thirty days,send us back your CIEMs and we'll refit them at no cost to you.Just cover the shipping! ...check details

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