How do I ship my ear mold impressions and earphone?

Here are the shipping instructions of impressions or earphones to be repaired below:

Chengdu, Sichuan
Province, China
Postcode: 610021
Tel: +86-18708139168
Contact Name: "Arthur"
Item Description: "Sample Ear Mold Impressions"/ "Sample Earphone"
Value: "No commercial value" & "Value less than 5 USD"/"Value less than 20 USD"
It is best to protect your ear mold impressions with a sturdy box.

We recommend that you choose shipping companies which are faster.Please kindly provide us the tracking number for tracking after you've sent out your impressions.

Please note that if we incur a charge as a result of the impressions being marked at too high an import value,the charge will be placed on the sender's invoice.

If order for us to ship your CIEM back to you, we need your:
Complete Address
Telephone Number (Very Important)