How does Lark Studio recommend I use and maintain my IEM?

·Using your IEMs at high volume levels has the potential to permanently damage your hearing, so always make sure to be listening at a safe volume.
· Always turn down your sound source (MP3 player etc) before plugging you CIEMs into a sound source. This will prevent accidentally harming your hearing, or overdriving your IEMs.
· Do not expose your CIEMs to excessive heat. Balanced Armature Drivers are very sensitive to temperature. If by chance they are exposed to such heats, allow them to cool down before being used.
· Do not submerge your IEMs into water. · Remove IEMs if they cause discomfort.
· Custom IEMs are designed for you. Please do not allow others to attempt to use your CIEMs.
· Wipe down the outer surface of the IEM with an antiseptic wipe.
· Use the supplied “loop wire” cleaning tool to remove any debris from the sound port. While doing so, try to keep the sound port pointed downward. This will prevent any debris from rolling down deeper into the sound port while you clean it.